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We provide holistic gynecology and pregnancy services, including home birth and water birth services, to people in South Florida.

P. Fadwah Halaby

Founder, Certified Nurse Midwife

Fadwah holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in nutrition from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

She studied both childbirth education and home-birth training in Colorado.

She is a Certified Nurse Midwife by the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing.

  • Amazing! So grateful for Fadwah and her team. I never even felt like I was in a doctor's office. The setting was intimate and I felt like I was visiting a friend and a supportive nurturer. She delivered my baby (it was a long one! Almost 36 hours) and was there with me throughout my entire journey and helped me to naturally deliver a healthy baby boy.

  • Three babies later with her. I would recommend her to any and all of my family friends. Very one on one and there's no other way for that special care. So lucky to have found Fadwah!????

  • Fadwah is AMAZING! And the staff are just as great! I always get anxious when I go for any kind of medical attention/checkup and from the moment I walked in I felt this ease come over me. It was a very relaxed, caring and warm atmosphere. Fadwah is so knowledgeable about woman's health and gives great guidance. It was a breath of fresh air from where I have been with the doctors in my past. I LOVED my experience!

  • The experience was very easygoing and nice. I enjoyed and felt comfortable speaking and got lots of information learning about many things I did not know.

  • Wonderful and reassuring as always!

  • You are awesome!

  • I've known her for a long time. She is a great caring provider that believes in what she does.

  • Midwife Fadwah and the team are very attentive, knowledgeable, and supportive. I have only met with them twice so far and they took the time to answer any questions and concerns I had. I just love the energy. Fadwah has a very calming energy about her and I feel really comfortable, and well cared for by her and her team.

  • I love the midwifery model of care. Went for an annual check-up, she addressed all my concerns and did a thorough exam. Definitely, recommend!

  • Very professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable.

  • Amazing visit. She is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and calming.

  • Fadwah is incredible at what she does. each visit with her and the other midwives is personal and intimate and I really feel like I'm getting the care I need and deserve. She is detailed with her explanations and has several resources to provide. The environment is clean and homey.

  • Fadwah is an amazing midwife! She was very supportive throughout my pregnancy and listened to all of my concerns. I definitely recommend Fadwah to all the women who want to experience "a true birth experience." She is so different from other midwives out there. Honesty when you walk into her office you feel the warmth. Some offices you get that medical feel. Once you walk into Fadwah office, and it's more homey feeling. I had some bumps in the road but since I met Fadwah she changed my whole perspective. Even though my 4th baby was a fast one lol...it was an experience I will never forget!'

  • The best ever!

  • I am glad to have Fadawah and Michelle caring for me during my first pregnancy. They help to put me at ease knowing that I am in great hands. I have had a great experience with them thus far and look forward to the delivery of our healthy child under their care.

  • Love that Fadwah is knowledgeable and calm. Sometimes during pregnancy, you need to be guided to know it'll all be ok and I feel like I can safely rely on Fadwah's experience to be my provider at this very important time.

  • Compassionate and personalized care. At this place, one is treated as family. She is a great listener and empathic caregiver. Every appointment is relaxing and informative. Halaby is an incredibly gifted midwife who puts anyone at ease. I am grateful to have met her and to be able to receive her care for my pregnancy and upcoming birth.

  • Fadwah and her assistant had a warm and welcoming demeanor on my first official prenatal visit today. Fadwah made clear where to start and what the following procedures would be throughout my care plan, and answered thoroughly any questions I had for her. I'm happy and confident to be under her care at this point.

  • My midwife Fadwah has been God sent. After having a c-section then a VBAC at a hospital I really wanted to experience the comfort of a home birth. After looking high and low far and wide Fadwah was a perfect fit for me. She encouraged me throughout my whole 9 months of pregnancy she also educated me each step of the way. I love the coziness of her office/birthing center it is a direct reflection of her warm personality. During my birth, she was patient and supportive which made me very relaxed.

  • So glad to be in the care of Fadawah and her team at Midwife 360 for the birth of our first baby. I felt confident we were in great hands and the whole experience of having a natural home birth was amazing and empowering.

  • When we learned we were expecting our first child in April 2016 we knew immediately we wanted to work with a midwife and have a home birth experience. Fadwah followed us from the very beginning of our pregnancy to the end when our son was born on December 28, 2016. Despite feeling well prepared for a home birth, we had taken classes, had prepped our home, and were feeling confident, mother nature had other plans in store for us. I went into labor in the morning hours of Christmas Day.

  • I love coming into the office. The environment is so calm and peaceful. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. It's worth the 45min-1hr drive to come to my appointments.

  • Wonderful!

  • Wonderful people. Wish I knew her 3 babies ago ??

  • Fadwah and her team are an amazing set of women. This lady helped give me the birth of my dreams. I was provided with fact-based information each week, the best prenatal care I could ever ask for. Fadwah and her team have lots of great classes, my husband and I attended classes on the stages of labor, lots of information and a lot of fun. I would recommend Fadwah Halaby for anyone wanting a home birth. Thank you for giving me and my family such a beautiful birth.

  • Fadwah is so amazing and she truly has a passion for what she does! I transferred to her practice later in my pregnancy (34wks) and even though we've had just a few visits, I feel like I've known her all my life!! I trust her wholeheartedly with my home birth and my Husband & I are so blessed to have found her. We HIGHLY recommend Fadwah to everyone and the only regret we have is that we didn't have her from the start! Either way, we have created a bond that we're sure will last a lifetime!

  • I have never smiled this much during my pregnancy until I found this amazing practice. So very blessed to have them!

  • Very caring and spends time with you to ensure all questions are answered.

  • Everyone I met so far was very nice & so helpful! I had a wonderful first experience! I am so happy I chose midwife360!

  • Best midwife in town!

  • I absolutely love Fadwah. She always takes time to address your concerns and does everything to make sure you are comfortable.

  • Fadwah is very easy going and calm. It's always very peaceful there. She gives great advice even things not related to pregnancy and I love getting any information off of her I can ~ it's very helpful! Vanessa, her secretary, is very kind and outgoing. She makes me laugh at every visit! Midwife360 is so welcoming and I'd recommend everyone to go here!

  • I am so happy I chose Fadwa as my midwife for my prenatal care. She and her staff make you feel like you a sitting with friends and learning the best way to care for yourself and baby. My children feel at ease with her and Vanessa when have to come to my visit. Even my toddler is happy with everyone at Midwife 360. I'm excited about our new edition coming soon in the next few weeks. Also, love the resources and ease of information online with the site they use. Really helpful and informative.

  • Midwife360 has been such a God-send to me and my family. We used a different midwife and birth center with our first son, but this experience with Fadwah and her team has been so much better. Fadwah is so approachable and easy to talk to about anything. She really gives you individualized attention, and I am looking forward to sharing my second birth story with her!

  • I'm so happy we made the switch to Fadwah at 32 weeks! We were a little hesitant at first, but after meeting her and her team we know we made the right decision. Her presence and touch gave us the peace we needed to deliver our baby at home.

  • Fadwah and her team are absolutely amazing!!! I could not have landed a more experienced midwife to care for me and baby. So very happy to have found her!

  • Fadwah is so amazing at what she does. She is so knowledgeable in her field and is always able to explain things in a gentle and clear manner so as I always leave feeling well-informed and never rushed. I recommend Fadwah to anyone who ever asks me!

  • The experience was amazing. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding of our needs. What I loved the most is that they take their time with you and they do not treat you as a number. They treat you as a person that really wants the best care.

  • My first appointment experience was thorough and professional. I was definitely made to feel comfortable, and it was clear that Fadwah is very knowledgeable.

  • I'd been seeking an experienced holistic, gentle, and compassionate practitioner and I found her. It was by far the best gynecological exam I've ever received. I left the office feeling informed, heard, genuinely cared about, and grateful

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