ACNM Best Practice!

ACNM Best Practice!

The ACNM Benchmarking Project is vital to the future of midwifery care, quality, and access in the United States as a professional self-maintenance strategy and as a method of quality assurance, allowing participating practices to compare themselves to practices that are similar in size and environment.

Participation in the Benchmarking survey helps midwives speak authoritatively to insurers and consultants about which clinical practices need to be encouraged or discouraged to produce excellent outcomes. Benchmarking also acts as tangible proof of the improved outcomes and lower costs of midwifery care.

Midwife360 has been recognized as an ACNM Best Practice for 2017!

How do you become a “best practice”? Best practices are named based on the data reported by the practice being one of the top practices in that category. The purpose of naming “best practice” is to recognize practices that are performing well. There are two categories of ratings, Triple Aim and 4 Core.

Triple Aim Best Practice

“Triple Aim” Best Practice recognizes practices which meet the Institute for Healthcare Improvement “Triple Aim” of improving the patient experience, reducing the cost of care and improving the health of populations. This is demonstrated by high breastfeeding rates, low preterm birth, and cesarean rates, and reporting fiscal variables. Of the 257 practices participating in the 2017 ACNM Benchmarking Project, 97 practices were designated Triple Aim Best Practices.

Best Practices-Triple Aim Achievement

  • Primary cesarean birth rate < 23.9%
  • Preterm birth rate < 11.4%
  • Exclusive breastfeeding first 48 hours > 81%, reporting fiscal outcomes

4 Core Best Practice

The “4 Core” Best Practice designation has been designed to acknowledge practices achieving nationally established benchmarks for physiologic birth. These four measures are harmonized with the National Quality Forum (NQF) and Joint Commission perinatal quality measures. Of the 257 practices participating in the 2017 ACNM Benchmarking project, these 28 practices achieved all four benchmarks.

Best Practices- Four Core Perinatal Measures

  • Induction of Labor <10%
  • Primary cesarean birth rate < 15%
  • Episiotomy < 2%
  • Exclusive breastfeeding first 48 hours > 75%

Midwife360 is so honored to have earned this achievement.

View the pdf lists here:

Triple Aim

4 Core

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