Birth is a Natural Function of Women’s Bodies

My heart is breaking right now… Just got off the phone with a woman who is looking for a provider to help her with a VBAC birth. Unfortunately she has had 3 prior c sections – the first was the story we hear almost daily about induction for no good reason leading to fetal distress leading to surgery. The next 2 were just because – no one was doing VBACs in our area and she did not seek out a provider who did them. She ought to be able to at least try to give birth vaginally, but this is someone who should not be at home for her trial of labor. There is a lower liklihood of success and as a provider I would rather be where help is more readily available than at home.

So, where are the evidence based hospital providers? We are right here!!! Only we are not allowed in the hospital because we also support and provide out of hospital birth. This is NOT the best situation for moms and babies. Even ACOG recommends the Birth Center as the first line of care for healthy, singleton, head-down pregnancies with the hospital as back-up if needed. You see, modern medicine has not been able to improve on natural birth – in fact it has done more harm than good to healthy moms and babies!!! With c-section rates between 40 – 60+% in South Florida, the hospitals cannot claim to be doing a good job caring for healthy women with normal pregnancies. You can’t call it a healthy birth if major surgery is involved. But the hospital culture demonizes those of us who support out of hospital birth (home and Birth Center) making it less safe due to the awkwardness of the transport situation. If a midwife needs to transport her client to the hospital to access the next level of care, she should be received with open arms and a welcoming attitude. Instead midwives and clients alike are punished for attempting out of hospital birth.

The solution? Let’s all talk about home and Birth Center birth as if it is the normal thing to do (it is). Let’s talk about women’s bodies and giving birth as if we were made to do it naturally and easily (we are). Let’s talk about giving birth as if it was a sacred gift that belongs to the couple and their family (it is). We just have to normalize childbirth again – we have allowed modern medicine to co-opt what is a natural function of women’s bodies! #midwife360 #normalizeoutofhospitalbirth #youcantimprovewhatisalreadyperfect

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