Many Faces of Infertility

Many Faces of Infertility


Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills regarding helping my clients in dealing with the many faces of infertility. Through the judicious use of laboratory testing, like Day 3 & 21 blood tests, a few different hormonal imbalances can be discovered and treated accordingly. For example, PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome has been receptive to Metformin therapy with or without progesterone withdrawal bleeding coupled with Clomid or Femara to induce ovulation. Thyroid disorders and pituitary tumors also respond well to medications or surgery as appropriate. I have also discovered the benefits of physical modalities such as acupuncture to balance the body’s energetic pathways, chiropractic to ensure that the messages from the brain travel freely through the nervous system, blood and lymph pathways, and Mayan Abdominal Massage to align the pelvic organs in their proper places. Vaginal steams with different herbs to affect certain results, and herbs such as Vitex or Chaste Berry to generally balance the female hormones that determine the cycle of menstruation and ovulation, can also be helpful to some women. And I have learned the benefit of using flax and pumpkin seeds alternating with sesame and sunflower in regulating the cycle.

These are all ways to treat the different symptoms that women who are experiencing irregular periods and difficulties conceiving face. However, I believe that many of these symptoms could be avoided in the first place for most women and men having trouble conceiving if they would examine their diet and lifestyle. There are many toxins, chemicals, and hormones found in the foods embraced by the Standard American Diet (SAD). Processed and packaged foods and non-food items that have made their way into our daily consumption are harming people and affecting the normal, healthy functioning of their bodies. For instance, BPA and other toxic chemicals found in the ever-present plastic packaging have been directly linked to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It stands to reason that these toxins affect women negatively as well since most of the sex hormones in women and men serve similar purposes. [Watch “Tapped” – an informative, although dated, a documentary about bottled water, available on Netflix].

Common Offenders


Other common offenders, meat, and dairy products carry dangerous hormones and other chemicals (antibiotics, growth hormones, etc) due to the factory farming practices that are standard for the industries. There are several good documentaries that present thoughtful and scientific proof that a plant-based diet is the healthiest form of nourishment. [Forks Over Knives, What The Health, Cowspiracy – all on Netflix] Knowing that every single process in our bodies relies on energy gleaned from the foods we eat and the air we breathe, why are we so in love with fast food, processed food, and chemically created and altered food that does not truly nourish us?

We are enamored with allopathic medicine and the ability to identify a pill for every problem. I believe it is a wiser course of action to go directly to the source of the problem and actually find a cure for what ails you. For those folks finding themselves having difficulties getting pregnant, I suggest a radical shift in how you care for your body – switch to a plant-based diet. Fill your FB, Pinterest, & Instagram feeds with recipes and ideas for eating in a more wholesome and supportive way. Buy only organic and non-GMO, consider going gluten-free. Only drink water from glass bottles and stop buying plastic water bottles altogether – this will not only improve your health, but it will do our planet a favor.

At the end of April, I have welcomed an offer for an opportunity to shadow a Fertility Specialist in our community and further hone my ability to determine more precise lab testing and a deeper understanding of the physiology of infertility. I intend to apply what I learn to further see how natural modalities can complement the advances of modern science in treating the heartbreak of the inability to conceive new life. As I am a firm believer in true functional medicine – combining ancient knowledge with the advances in modern medicine, this is an exciting opportunity!

Midwife360 is honored and grateful for the opportunity to step into the world of high tech fertility treatments and to learn how that knowledge can be translated and transferred to aiding women with a combination of allopathic and natural methods to help these barren families be able to welcome new life!


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