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We are handicapping entire generations of healthy people by depriving them of the preparatory effect of natural labor and birth through unnecessary medical interventions and unnecessary cesarean sections. It is no wonder so many people who receive epidurals, Pitocin, and cesareans have problems breastfeeding, bonding, and believing in themselves! Scientists think they can separate infant care and bonding from birth, but we are finding out that it is all connected. Therefore, it behooves us to find a way to drastically reduce the amount of intervention that laboring people are offered in an effort to increase satisfaction, bonding and successful parenting.
Here are the Midwife360 Stats for 2017!
  • Overall C-section rate 10.2%
  • Low-risk c-section rate 17.6% (NTSV – nulliparous (first baby), Singleton, term, head down)
  • Overall transfer rate 16.3%
  • Transfer rate for 1st baby 29%
  • Transfer rate for subsequent baby 9.3%
  • VBAC success rate 75%
  • 2 of our VBAC moms had had 2 previous c sections, and one had twins
  • We had a total of 49 moms labor with us, and 8 of them delivered in the hospital with 3 vaginal deliveries.

Our approaches to maternity care – the Midwifery Model seeks to protect, support, and avoid interfering with the natural course of pregnancy and birth. In this model, the midwife is also always watchful for potential complications and adjusts the plan of care accordingly.

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