• Fadwah is an amazing midwife. My wife delivered a healthy child last week. This is our 4th child but 1st home birth. It was a memorable experiment and I would definitely recommend Fadwah!

    Alex Mochenyat
  • Fadwah you found your calling, I know you are a remarkable spirit on our planet what better way to welcome new life with love!

    Barbra J Andrews
  • Wonderful!

  • I just had my son 3 weeks ago with Fadwah! I was with another provider through most of my pregnancy up until I was 41 weeks [...] having issues with the doctors they wanted me to see any issues with them and I called up Fadwah, made an appt and saw her. We talked things over and figured a game plan out since I was nearly 42 weeks. At my appt she discovered I was 3cm 90% effaced and could feel the hair on my sons head! I went home, took a nice nap and woke when my water broke!!! We called her with an update [...] My labor had progressed  faster than anyone expected, and I had been breathing my son down my birth canal. Fadwah and her assistant Mandy were quick to arrive, and after 4 hrs of labor with this amazing birth team, I delivered my beautiful healthy 9 pound, 22 inch long baby boy. [...] I’m so thankful and grateful for my amazing birth experience! We love you and I wouldn’t want any other person but you delivering my future children!

    Amanda Cook
  • Very professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable.

  • Being raised by this woman I’ve been bombarded by the appreciation for my mother and her practice. She birthed 6 kids and has helped hundreds of women birth their own. And often, after the first, their second and third as well. There is a reason many women in South Florida will not call anyone else for baby business. Her gentleness mixed with knowledgeability and confidence makes her an excellent source of information as well as a great practitioner. My partner saw her for prenatal care and if we were living in SoFla at the time would’ve had her deliver our LO, Kalima. All in all, this is an individual that cares about her children, clients, and her client’s children. Any advice she gives you is advice you can trust!

    Senya Halaby
  • The home birth of our first daughter was very special. We switched to Fadwah almost at the end of our pregnancy (during the 8th month) and felt at ease right away. During our 24 hour labor, Fadwah was patient, supporting and made us feel in control. She didn’t rush us and not once pressured us into doing something we didn’t want. I felt completely safe in her hands. I can’t talk about the birth without smiling and praising our midwife, Fadwah!

    Raquel Betesh
  • I planned a water birth from the very beginning and didn’t meet Fadwah until I was already 27wks pregnant. She was the first practitioner that shared the same birthing philosophy as me – that it’s a natural process and the female body just knows what to do during labor. I knew upon meeting her the first time, my baby and I were in good hands. My birth was everything I wanted – natural, no drugs, in water and at home. I’m so glad Midwife 360 was part of my birth team! It was an amazing experience!

    Daniella Robbins
  • I love coming into the office. The environment is so calm and peaceful. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. It's worth the 45min-1hr drive to come to my appointments.

  • I came to Fadwah at 25weeks and the day we met was the day I said yep I love her and I want her to be my midwife. She met all of my needs and wants and she was very patient with me. She gave me my first home birth and it was beautiful.

    Nicole Smith
  • Fadwah is incredible at what she does. each visit with her and the other midwives is personal and intimate and I really feel like I'm getting the care I need and deserve. She is detailed with her explanations and has several resources to provide. The environment is clean and homey.

  • I can not say enough about Fadwah and her team. She was truly my saving grace at 32 weeks! I had read somewhere that if you’re not 100% excited about your midwife/birth plan, you’re doing something wrong. That’s exactly how I felt with The Palm’s Birth House. To each his own, but after my acupuncturist suggested I reach out to Fadwah and her team, everything fell into place. The initial consult was $50, which I was hesitant about, but we spent a good hour discussing everything I wanted and her decades of experience. The entire homebirth ended up being less than half of what The Palm’s Birth House was charging! Fadwah went directly through my insurance instead of me having to do the legwork, which made it all super easy. Her schedule was very flexible, with my appointments being no wait and a good solid hour of one-on-one including labs. I could not have had my dream homebirth without her and her team. I wanted a midwife that would become family, and that’s exactly how it felt. I recommend every new mom to consider home birth and have no hesitation suggesting Fadwah Halaby and her team. They are true birthing goddesses. I am forever grateful and so glad I made the switch!

    Valerie Conlin
  • Fadwah is very easy going and calm. It's always very peaceful there. She gives great advice even things not related to pregnancy and I love getting any information off of her I can ~ it's very helpful! Vanessa, her secretary, is very kind and outgoing. She makes me laugh at every visit! Midwife360 is so welcoming and I'd recommend everyone to go here!

  • Very caring and spends time with you to ensure all questions are answered.

  • I have been a patient of Fadwah for over 8 years. I moved an hour from the office at one point and continued to see her for all of my medical services during that time. The care, attention, and patience she provides in unmeasurable! I have never to date had an experience with a healthcare provider as I have with Fadwah. She takes time to ask about my family and remembers things even though it may be a year since my last visit. She’s more than a midwife to me but a friend.  

    Sheanna Milord
  • Fadwah is an amazing midwife! She was very supportive throughout my pregnancy and listened to all of my concerns. I definitely recommend Fadwah to all the women who want to experience "a true birth experience." She is so different from other midwives out there. Honesty when you walk into her office you feel the warmth. Some offices you get that medical feel. Once you walk into Fadwah office, and it's more homey feeling. I had some bumps in the road but since I met Fadwah she changed my whole perspective. Even though my 4th baby was a fast one lol...it was an experience I will never forget!'

  • My daughter had a home birth and she loved Fadwahs service. Her son is healthy and she is glad she had midwife 360 as support and a second family during and after pregnancy! This team makes you feel 10 x’s better about your choice to do a home birth. Fadwah, Jen, and Rosalie were awesome during the birth and couldn’t thank them enough for helping to deliver my grandson

    Kat Channels
  • Fadwah provided excellent care and support for my daughter throughout her pregnancy. My daughter and her husband chose to have a home water birth and Fadwah was the perfect person to help guide them through this process. The true test came during the birthing time and immediately after, and we were blessed to have her taking charge. She is a knowledgeable, professional caretaker who made this a stellar experience for the entire family.

    Carol Swersky Frachtman
  • Midwife360 has been such a God-send to me and my family. We used a different midwife and birth center with our first son, but this experience with Fadwah and her team has been so much better. Fadwah is so approachable and easy to talk to about anything. She really gives you individualized attention, and I am looking forward to sharing my second birth story with her!

  • It took me almost 3 years of working through experience with my first child’s birth, an extensive research on VBAC and strong advice of my doula to turn to a midwife for prenatal care and birth of my second child. I am so glad I did!! At the time I began to feel uncertain whether my OB was as VBAC supportive as I hoped in the beginning. As soon as I met Fadwah I felt at ease. She is very knowledgeable, confident and reassuring, she actually listens and her answers are informative and detailed. Though I only switched to Midwife360 at 33 weeks, it made a huge difference in my experience, seeing Fadwah was so much nicer than all of my previous OB visits! [...]  I may not have been able to deliver my baby vaginally if it wouldn’t be for her patience, determination, and courage. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart!!♥

    Aliya Zharlgasova Arthur
  • Best midwife in town!

  • Fadwah is so amazing at what she does. She is so knowledgeable in her field and is always able to explain things in a gentle and clear manner so as I always leave feeling well-informed and never rushed. I recommend Fadwah to anyone who ever asks me!

  • Midwife Fadwah and the team are very attentive, knowledgeable, and supportive. I have only met with them twice so far and they took the time to answer any questions and concerns I had. I just love the energy. Fadwah has a very calming energy about her and I feel really comfortable, and well cared for by her and her team.

  • Loved my visit. I felt very at home and comfortable.

  • I've known her for a long time. She is a great caring provider that believes in what she does.

  • Everyone I met so far was very nice & so helpful! I had a wonderful first experience! I am so happy I chose midwife360!

  • The experience was very easygoing and nice. I enjoyed and felt comfortable speaking and got lots of information learning about many things I did not know.

  • I love her! She's very informative and passionate about what she does. She is honest with you and has your best interest at heart. I recommend anyone that is interested in home births to go you her, you won't regret it!

  • I absolutely love Fadwah. She always takes time to address your concerns and does everything to make sure you are comfortable.

  • Fadwah is amazing! I was very scared of my first pregnancy. Being only 24 years old, unmarried, no family within three thousand miles, and shocked- as my blessing was unplanned. From the second I met her, I knew she was the right doctor for me. There were things so embarrassing about pregnancy I cringe thinking about, yet I felt comfortable enough to speak openly with her about them. Since opening her own practice much has changed! Changed for the better! She is amazing at getting back to you with any little question or concern, even with a last-minute yeast infection on a Saturday night, she was right there and treated it like a priority and I had my antibiotic by Sunday morning. I highly highly highly recommend Fadwah for all your vaginal needs!!!☺️

    Racquel Aloisio
  • My birth was what I dreamed of it to be. The care and compassion from Fadwah + her wonderful staff while in labor was beyond amazing. I would highly recommend midwife 360 if you are planning a homebirth. You will not be disappointed!

    Ariel Silvers
  • Personal and nonjudgmental provider. She really takes her time and helps to make an excellent birth experience and gynecological care!

    Amanda Frankoski
  • Amazing visit. She is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and calming.

  • Fadwah is AMAZING! And the staff are just as great! I always get anxious when I go for any kind of medical attention/checkup and from the moment I walked in I felt this ease come over me. It was a very relaxed, caring and warm atmosphere. Fadwah is so knowledgeable about woman's health and gives great guidance. It was a breath of fresh air from where I have been with the doctors in my past. I LOVED my experience!

  • Amazing! So grateful for Fadwah and her team. I never even felt like I was in a doctor's office. The setting was intimate and I felt like I was visiting a friend and a supportive nurturer. She delivered my baby (it was a long one! Almost 36 hours) and was there with me throughout my entire journey and helped me to naturally deliver a healthy baby boy.

  • So glad we found Fadwah for our 2nd planned homebirth. She has such a calming, loving energy – you can’t help but feel so comfortable in her care. She helped me through several concerns and situations with so much love, and I couldn’t imagine going through that experience without her support. Our sons birth was magical and the care we received at home the days following made it so blissful. We will be forever thankful for Fadwah and her amazing team.  

    Ashley Schultz
  • Fadwah came into my and my precious daughter’s life as an answered prayer 9 years ago right at the “delivery” room. Our connection was immediate and undeniable. Her amazing care, deep love for life, profound wisdom and amazing professionalism just made my birth experience the best ever, making beauty from ashes. Today, another sweet miracle is in my womb -almost ready to be welcomed at our home?- and I couldn’t feel more blessed by having Fadwah and her team riding along with me and my family in this “new” journey! This time from beginning to end!!! A Thank you, is not enough.

    Sandra Alandete
  • My first appointment experience was thorough and professional. I was definitely made to feel comfortable, and it was clear that Fadwah is very knowledgeable.

  • Fadwah is so amazing and she truly has a passion for what she does! I transferred to her practice later in my pregnancy (34wks) and even though we've had just a few visits, I feel like I've known her all my life!! I trust her wholeheartedly with my home birth and my Husband & I are so blessed to have found her. We HIGHLY recommend Fadwah to everyone and the only regret we have is that we didn't have her from the start! Either way, we have created a bond that we're sure will last a lifetime!

  • When I decided that I wanted to do a home birth I inquired of others experiences with local midwives. The most glowing, and passionate reviews came about Fadwah, and what incredible births these ladies had with her. I am so incredibly grateful that I took this advice because this was the most positive birth experience I could have imagined.After a somewhat negative first birth experience, Fadwah changed my views on birth, natural childbirth, and the ability to be calm, strong, and confident at home in a natural setting. If you are considering a midwife for future children this would be hands down the route to take to maximize the enjoyment and fulfillment of your birth! Thank you so much Fadwah for making my birthing dreams come true :). I will always be grateful for your assistance through this special time!

    Staci Shapiro
  • I have never smiled this much during my pregnancy until I found this amazing practice. So very blessed to have them!

  • I am so happy I chose Fadwa as my midwife for my prenatal care. She and her staff make you feel like you a sitting with friends and learning the best way to care for yourself and baby. My children feel at ease with her and Vanessa when have to come to my visit. Even my toddler is happy with everyone at Midwife 360. I'm excited about our new edition coming soon in the next few weeks. Also, love the resources and ease of information online with the site they use. Really helpful and informative.

  • She is the best !! Take her time and she really cares for you and your child…

    Fran Garcia
  • Love that Fadwah is knowledgeable and calm. Sometimes during pregnancy, you need to be guided to know it'll all be ok and I feel like I can safely rely on Fadwah's experience to be my provider at this very important time.

  • As a patient, I’ve had the good fortune of working with some excellent OB/GYN teams, Certified Nurse Midwives, RNs, Nurse Practitioners, and professionals focused on women’s health. Fadwah stands out as best of the best, based on her deep expertise, caring nature, the range of services, and true willingness to hone in on client’s physical and emotional needs.

    Lia Schultz
  • Wonderful and reassuring as always!

  • When no one else wanted to be my daughters home health nurse (because I was only 18yrs old at the time) Fadwah volunteered to care for her! 18 years later we are still friends, strongest woman I know- LOVE HER!!!!

    Shawma Gonzalez
  • I love the midwifery model of care. Went for an annual check-up, she addressed all my concerns and did a thorough exam. Definitely, recommend!

  • I am glad to have Fadawah and Michelle caring for me during my first pregnancy. They help to put me at ease knowing that I am in great hands. I have had a great experience with them thus far and look forward to the delivery of our healthy child under their care.

  • After being under the care of an Ob /Gyn doctor and being rushed out the door which resulted in me forgetting all my questions. I absolutely love Fadwah! She takes her time at each apt and really listens to my questions and is always there when I have a concern with the daily life of being pregnant!

  • I am very grateful for Fadwah. I was pregnant with my third daughter when I met her. Having had 2 previous c-sections with my first 2 I just wanted to find a doctor who would be willing to let me try a VBAC with my third and that is where Fadwah came in. I was able to have a successful home water birth and she supported me the whole way. And I am so happy that she gave me the chance to do what my body was meant to do…give birth naturally.

    Joanne Del Valle
  • Fadwah is so calm and nurturing. She just has a way of putting people at ease and helping soon to be mothers learn to trust their bodies. I felt so safe under her care. I will definitely be back for my next pregnancy!

    Kayla Ellers
  • The day I met Fadwah I knew she was special. She has a beautifully kind demeanor and is a compassionate caring soul. She is both book smart and street smart which is a unique combination for a midwife and something that makes her practice especially attractive. I appreciate her honesty, candor and most of all her bedside manner. It is an honor to have met her and to be her patient. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone who is looking for concierge service with a smile.

    Natalie Sager
  • So glad to be in the care of Fadawah and her team at Midwife 360 for the birth of our first baby. I felt confident we were in great hands and the whole experience of having a natural home birth was amazing and empowering.

  • I'm so happy we made the switch to Fadwah at 32 weeks! We were a little hesitant at first, but after meeting her and her team we know we made the right decision. Her presence and touch gave us the peace we needed to deliver our baby at home.

  • No problem. Thank you for listening. I just needed someone to talk to. I’m so emotional during this time and I truly appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for me and your kind words. You go over and beyond your scope of practice. You are a great Midwife with a heart of gold. I truly thank God for you.

    Jasmine Frederick
  • I'd been seeking an experienced holistic, gentle, and compassionate practitioner and I found her. It was by far the best gynecological exam I've ever received. I left the office feeling informed, heard, genuinely cared about, and grateful

  • Fadwah and Lauren were such a blessing to me during my pregnancy and birth. I had such an amazing birth and it was my first time. I will always remember how at peace I was during it all and how both Fadwah and Lauren made me feel like a superwoman. Continuously telling me that I can do this and my body was made for this very moment. Best Midwives ever! Vanessa is also the best Medical Assistant ever too! I love Midwife 360! Thanks for everything!

    Loni Brewster
  • Wonderful people. Wish I knew her 3 babies ago ??

  • It was wonderful having the personalization of a home birth midwife combined with the experience and knowledge of a nurse midwife. I would definitely go back to Fadwah for prenatal care again and will recommend to anyone looking for a home birth midwife. I had a very fast birth and am also very thankful to Michelle for keeping me calm on the phone, getting to my house as fast as humanly possible, and being so gentle and calming afterward.

    Leah Hahn
  • You are awesome!

  • When we learned we were expecting our first child in April 2016 we knew immediately we wanted to work with a midwife and have a home birth experience. Fadwah followed us from the very beginning of our pregnancy to the end when our son was born on December 28, 2016. Despite feeling well prepared for a home birth, we had taken classes, had prepped our home, and were feeling confident, mother nature had other plans in store for us. I went into labor in the morning hours of Christmas Day.

  • The best ever!

  • The experience was amazing. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding of our needs. What I loved the most is that they take their time with you and they do not treat you as a number. They treat you as a person that really wants the best care.

  • My midwife Fadwah has been God sent. After having a c-section then a VBAC at a hospital I really wanted to experience the comfort of a home birth. After looking high and low far and wide Fadwah was a perfect fit for me. She encouraged me throughout my whole 9 months of pregnancy she also educated me each step of the way. I love the coziness of her office/birthing center it is a direct reflection of her warm personality. During my birth, she was patient and supportive which made me very relaxed.

  • Fadwah and her team are absolutely amazing!!! I could not have landed a more experienced midwife to care for me and baby. So very happy to have found her!

  • Compassionate and personalized care. At this place, one is treated as family. She is a great listener and empathic caregiver. Every appointment is relaxing and informative. Halaby is an incredibly gifted midwife who puts anyone at ease. I am grateful to have met her and to be able to receive her care for my pregnancy and upcoming birth.

  • Fadwah and her assistant had a warm and welcoming demeanor on my first official prenatal visit today. Fadwah made clear where to start and what the following procedures would be throughout my care plan, and answered thoroughly any questions I had for her. I'm happy and confident to be under her care at this point.

  • It was wonderful having the personalization of a home birth midwife combined with the experience and knowledge of a nurse midwife. I would definitely go back to Fadwah for prenatal care again and will recommend to anyone looking for a home birth midwife. I had a very fast birth and am also very thankful to Michelle for keeping me calm on the phone, getting to my house as fast as humanly possible, and being so gentle and calming afterward.

    Samantha Idell- Mochenyat
  • Three babies later with her. I would recommend her to any and all of my family friends. Very one on one and there's no other way for that special care. So lucky to have found Fadwah!????

  • Fadwah and Michelle are absolutely amazing! This was my third and last pregnancy and I knew I wanted to achieve my goal of having a natural home birth. With their help, I was able to. I loved the fact that I didn’t feel like just another patient with them. I would walk into their office and I felt comfortable. I felt safe. I felt encouraged. I highly recommend anyone seeking prenatal care to contact Midwife 360. You will receive great care and have the opportunity to meet some amazing women.

    Shakirra Wilson
  • I came to Fadwah at 35wk pregnant, freshly moved to Florida from Maryland. It took a moment to find the right midwife for me, but once meeting Fadwah, I was completely confident that my baby’s birth was in safe hands. I’m now at 37wk and am getting more and more excited as time goes by. Fadwah, I cannot thank you enough for looking after us!

    Cara F. Mia
  • Fadwah and her team are an amazing set of women. This lady helped give me the birth of my dreams. I was provided with fact-based information each week, the best prenatal care I could ever ask for. Fadwah and her team have lots of great classes, my husband and I attended classes on the stages of labor, lots of information and a lot of fun. I would recommend Fadwah Halaby for anyone wanting a home birth. Thank you for giving me and my family such a beautiful birth.

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