Midwife360 Announcement: We are Evolving!

Midwife360 is evolving! Our team has reached a significant milestone in its journey. As the practice continues to evolve and grow, some changes are afoot. With a heavy heart, we recently parted ways with Joanna Bronkema, CNM, who had been with us for almost two years. While we were sad to see Joanna go, we are excited to welcome a new midwife and lactation consultant, Phoebe Barouk, CNM/IBCLC, who joined us in October 2022. Phoebe is settling in nicely with the practice and learning the ropes involved in the day-to-day business of being a primary provider.

Updates at Midwide360

In April, we will also say goodbye to Lauren Danella, CNM, as she moves to New York. Lauren has been an integral part of our team, and we will miss her dearly. She joined Midwife360 in 2017 as a new grad midwife, bringing with her some incredible life experiences such as working with Robin Lim in Bali and living in an orphanage in Mexico. After spending almost three years learning from Fadwah, she decided to spread her wings and work in an environment where she could have more independent experiences.

Lauren eventually returned to Midwife360 in mid-November of 2020 as our numbers had swelled beyond what one midwife could handle. We have been working and growing the business together ever since. As Lauren establishes her own independent practice in upstate New York, we wish her all the best and are grateful for the time we spent working with her.

As we say goodbye to Lauren, we also welcome Donna Blythe, CPM, who has moved out here from Colorado to join Midwife360. Donna will be taking on some of Lauren’s responsibilities, but no one can truly fill her shoes. We are excited to see how Donna will contribute to our practice and the growth that lies ahead.

In summary, Midwife360 is nine years old now and experiencing shifts and changes as we continue to evolve and grow. We are grateful for all of the talented midwives who have been part of our team, and we look forward to working with Phoebe and Donna as we move forward.

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