Woman in labor bent over with elbows on a birthing ball while a doula or midwife checks her back

The Ultimate Home Birth Supply List

Midwife360 is a distinguished provider of comprehensive midwifery services specializing in home births. With their exceptional expertise and emphasis on empowering natural family planning, they are adept at guiding expectant

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Mother holding baby in the crook of her neck and having skin to skin contact after an affordable home birth

How Much Does a Home Birth Cost?

As expectant parents navigate the many decisions and choices surrounding childbirth, one thing that stands out is cost. Home birth costs are typically not something that people look into until

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Creating Value in Childbirth

It is well known that the American childbirth culture is very expensive with very poor performance AND little of what happens to birthing people in hospitals is evidence-based.

Baby girl few minutes after the birth

High-tech Childbirth is Not Always Better

When it comes to childbirth, high tech is not better than low tech. I have been privileged to attend many out of hospital births and many more in hospital births. Even a ‘normal’ birth in the hospital typically comes with continuous fetal monitoring and epidural.

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My name is Fadwah Halaby and I am a certified nurse midwife serving families in

Natural Birth After C-Section

Can I have a vaginal birth if I already had a c section? The short answer is, “YES! YOU CAN!” While the long answer requires a conversation about various risks – risks of a VBAC, or vaginal birth after cesarean, AND risks of repeat surgery.