Midwifery is the health science and health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, in addition to the sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives.

Pregnancy Care

At Midwife360 we are committed to providing the Midwifery Model of Care which by definition means evidence-based medicine.

All along the way we are vigilant to the results of tests, the recommendations of the MDs we collaborate with, and the needs and wants of our patients. The purpose of prenatal care is first and foremost the search for signs of disease or malfunction in mom or baby that would benefit from medical management, secondarily, and very important for home birth, it is a vehicle to get to know the patient in anticipation of having a very intimate, personal experience with them.


As part of our pregnancy care we anticipate being able to offer birthing services that can take place in a hospital, birthing center or the comfort of your home. We ensure you are fully aware and prepared for the birth you desire. Currently, our services are limited to home birth. We anticipate obtaining hospital privileges beginning in July, 2020 and are working on developing a birth center program before the end of the year.

At the time of your labor and delivery, we carry all the standard supplies, equipment, and medications used in the hospital, including oxygen and IV supplies, vitamin K and erythromycin eye ointment for your newborn as well as the necessities for postpartum care.

Doula Services

We have two recommended doulas that we work with most often. We strongly recommend that you hire a doula, especially if this is your first birth or your first home birth. Our Doulas are experienced, empathetic, and homebirth mommas. They are committed to helping each patient have the most comfortable labor and birth possible. The Basic Doula Package includes the following services. Add-on services are available, please ask your doula for more information.

Postpartum care

After delivering your newborn we ensure you feel comfortable and well supported beyond your routine care check ups. We are here to ensure the normal healing of your body as it journeys through motherhood and answer any questions about these changes.


At Midwife360 we offer care and counseling for family planning that can range from planning your pregnancy and birth, to addressing fertility issues or the implementation of birth control.

360 Women's care

Our 360 Women’s Healthcare includes care of young girls and teens for gynecology issues, through the decades and into menopause. Education on PAP-smears and HPV, thermography,  STDs, pregnancy & prevention strategies, birth control – natural and artificial methods, fertility issues – natural and artificial methods, mammogram and ultrasound prescriptions, any vaginal or genital discomfort and convenient electronic prescriptions and medical records.

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Self Pay Prices of 2023!

*Please be advised, ALL Self Pay clients (including BCBS GYN patients)will now pay the NCNS $50 fee to hold any future appointments. This will be deducted from the total cost at the end of your visit.*


New Patients

Established Patients


(If you are pregnant with di-di twins OR had a previous c-section birth and want to see Fadwah throughout your entire pregnancy and guaranteed birth.)

(If you would like to secure Fadwah for your birth IF her schedule permits.)

Benefits received from our billing team to verify your coverage and amount due for a home birth BEFORE deciding to come into care.

(External Cephalic Version, is a procedure used to turn a baby from a breech position to a head-down position. Midwife Fadwah has about a 50% success rate, there is no flip guarantee, and it is done alongside a ultrasound. After the ECV, you will be monitored on a Non-Stress Test (NST) and Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI) ultrasound. This price includes 2 attempts.)