Phoebe Barouk

Certified Nurse Midwife, IBCLC lactation consultant

Phoebe started supporting women in their transition to motherhood and with breastfeeding as a doula since 2009, as a Postpartum RN since 2013, and now as a Certified Nurse-Midwife.

She started her journey to becoming a CNM when she gave birth to her three daughters at home in 1999, 2002, and 2005. Phoebe completed her first degree in Languages and Linguistics at Georgetown University in 1997 and then completed her BS in Nursing degree there in 2012 after deciding to become a CNM which required going to nursing school. While completing her Master’s of Science in Nursing at Frontier Nursing University which she finished in May 2021, she worked at GWU Hospital for eight years, during the last two of which she worked as an IBCLC Lactation consultant. She became an IBCLC in 2019 and continues to work as a lactation consultant seeing clients in person as well as via Telehealth.

Phoebe is also a licensed Hatha Yoga I instructor which she completed
after she studied at the Integral Yoga Institute NYC in 2001 and has been studying Ayurveda since then, as well as plant-based medicine, healthy lifestyle, and natural living. She worked as a Vegan-Vegetarian Chef/Caterer specializing in nutritional healing and cleansing and studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousens completing his courses: Conscious Eating I & Conscious Eating II (Expanding Culinary Joy: Mastering Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine) in April of 2013.

Previously a language teacher, translator, and interpreter, she is able to provide assistance in Spanish, French, Italian, as well as English (with proficiency in Arabic and Portuguese). Phoebe is also a certified Reiki Healer/Master, after completing levels I, II & III in March of 2013. Her approach to midwifery, as well as lactation, is holistic and prepared to meet her clients wherever they are in their journey.



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