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What is Cervical Mucus

What is Cervical Mucus? Cervical Mucus is fluid produced and released from the cervix. The consistency of cervical mucus can vary based on the day

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Holistic Gynecology FAQ

Q. What is a Holistic Approach? A holistic approach to modern medicine is characterized by treating the person as a whole, rather than treating specific

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Midwife360 and the Scoop on IUDs

Many of my clients ask about birth control options that do not have hormones. There are a few, mostly they are the barrier methods like condoms (male and female), diaphragms, and cervical caps, or surgery. But the copper IUD is the only one that is long term and reversible and does not have any hormones. Since the copper IUD is not the only long term, reversible contraceptive, I wanted to break it down here for you.

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