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Celebrate Community Birth Wellness Festival & Midwife360s Family Reunion

Midwife360 and Birth Equity Resource are coming together to bring the Community Birth Wellness Festival and our 10-year Family Reunion to life. Join us on Saturday, April 6th, in Dreher Park in West Palm Beach for this event. This event embodies the gratitude that Midwife360 has been a part of for the past 10 years. We are so proud of being involved in community birth and spreading the amazing connection beyond birth and pregnancy. 

This also commences the official launch of Birth Equity Resource, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The mission of Birth Equity Resource is to assist women who want to give birth in the comfort of their own homes. We align with the mission to offer autonomy in birth by breaking down barriers that are in the way of home births. 

Our goal with this event is to have fun and offer our support and unwavering gratitude to those who have been a part of our lives in our 10-year journey. There will be food trucks, vendors, and many sponsors whose missions align with ours. Please apply here if you want to get involved as a vendor or sponsor. If you want to assist others in having a home birth experience like you had, you can donate here.

What is Community Birth?

A community birth is an out-of-hospital birth, a birth in a birthing center, or a planned home birth. Studies indicate that community birth settings significantly enhance the quality of maternity care, and improved outcomes, particularly for People of Color. Making birth options accessible to everyone is of utmost importance. These birthing methods empower women. They can advocate for themselves to receive care from their chosen providers.

Why Are Non-Hospital Birth Options Important?

There has been a correlation between non-traditional birth settings and better maternal and infant outcomes. There are fewer disparities for women of color who have a higher risk for negative outcomes in a traditional hospital setting for birth. Community birth options provide health equity and provide more than just medical support. Having a doula and midwife throughout pregnancy care provides clinical and emotional support. It takes a village to raise children, and that sentiment carries through to pregnancy and birth.

Doulas and midwives also provide education and support postpartum to both mother and child. The continuum of care offered by a community birth approach is unparalleled. There has also been a rise in maternal mortality rates in recent years, especially for BIPOC communities. Health equality needs to be improved, and having accessible birth options can help that become a reality. 

Join us on April 6th to celebrate alongside us and help bring awareness to community birth and how important it is for all birthing people.

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