When Should you Start Seeing a Woman’s Care Specialist?

How Old Should I be When I Start Seeing a Woman’s Care Specialist?

It is recommended that when a girl is between the ages of 13-15, she should start going to the gynecologist. A gynecologist is also known as a woman’s care doctor but it is great to bring younger girls as well. The reason being is that this is the average age of a girl’s first period.

Getting your period for the first time means your body is developing. This is when a girl starts to transform into a woman. During puberty, a girl may experience many changes in her body other than just a period. which is why these early teen years are said to be the perfect time to seek out a woman’s care specialist.

Does Everyone Start Seeing a Woman’s Care Specialist at the Same Age?

Everyone’s bodies progress differently. Naturally, some girls may start menstruating earlier or later on than others, so this time frame of ages 13-15 may not be suited for everyone. Especially if you get your period before this age range, it would be beneficial to seek care from a gynecologist at that given time.

On the flip side, some girls don’t get their first period until they are later on in their teenage years. This might be a reason for some people to hold off seeking a woman’s care specialist until they start menstruating. However, 13-15 is still the suggested age for anyone to start going to the gynecologist.

Possibility of being pregnant? 

If you think there is a chance you are pregnant you should absolutely make an appointment with your gynecologist. Some at home tests may be inconclusive, so it’s best practice to get a professional test taken. Women’s care specialists have the best technology and can provide you with accurate results. They also are experts on first steps after finding out you’re pregnant, so not alone do they give you answers, but guidance as well.

Trying to Get Pregnant? 

Maybe you’re not there yet in terms of a positive pregnancy test, but are rather trying to enter that chapter of your life. Women’s care specialists provide an abundance of resources and advice for women who are trying to conceive.

How Often Should I see my Woman’s Care Specialist? 

You should take a trip to the gynecologist once a year. During your first few years of womanhood, it’s normal to have issues such as heavy or irregular periods. So when you first start going to the gynecologist, you might find yourself making more regular visits.

Although only a yearly trip to the gynecologist is recommended, this of course may vary by circumstance. If you have any concerns, pain, or discomfort, it’s important to make an appointment with your woman’s care specialist.

What is the Purpose of a Woman’s Care Specialist?

A woman’s care specialist is designed to meet the individual needs of each woman and family they care for. The whole idea behind gynecology services is that women should be informed and educated about their healthcare options.

Women’s Care Florida

At Midwife360, we believe in empowering decision making and supporting individuals’ needs based on cultural diversity, safety and comfort. While taking a holistic approach to women’s health, we take pride in helping our patients of all ages on their journey throughout womanhood. Whether that be while going through puberty, getting your first period, becoming pregnant, or ready to give birth, Midwife360 is here to provide you with the utmost care.

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