Benefits of a Water Birth

sBefore discovering the benefits of water birth, giving birth was complicated and painful as well as stressful for the mother and father. Several women have been learning about the benefits of water birth and are asking these following questions. “What is water birth?”, “Are water births safe?”, “How much is a water birth?” There is a lot of information on the internet about water birthing at home and how to do it. There are several safe methods like hiring a Midwife that can help you through this process.

Midwives and Doulas are experienced with assisting birthing mothers as they provide comfort and knowledge to guide the process. They have medical tactics that can help you feel safe at home and protected when giving birth. They specialize in holistic care but if hospitalization is necessary they can direct you when that time comes. 

What is Water Birth?

A water birth is an at home process that involves hiring a midwife and or doula that will be there to check the mother and child. The tub to give birth in is similar to a kiddie pool with insulated walls. Tubes are connected to the birthing tubs to supply hot water that mimics the mothers internal temperature. The process involves getting the baby and mom properly positioned for delivery. The baby is born underwater and will be brought out by the midwife or doula and then examined. Directly after birth the mother has the option of delivering the placenta in the water or outside and can stay in the water to decompress or come out and change into clothes. 

Water birth is becoming a more popular delivery method for women because of benefits ike reduced pain and less risk of tearing. 

Are Water Births Safe?

Water Births are safe for the mother and newborn however there are potential complications like in a normal birth. Complications include accounting for the fact that some newborns make take their first breath underwater. It is extremely rare but in cases where the newborn decides to breathe when they get into the water they can drown or suffer form Meconium aspiration syndrome. In even rarer cases newborns can contract Legionnaires’ Disease which is an extremely serious type of bacterial pneumonia. Although all of these complications sound really bad there are several cases of women with completely successful water births that result in having healthy and happy babies. 

If you have had previous complications with birthing or needed a C-section previously water birth may not be for you. If you have a family history of birth complications and may need electronic interventions to track the mothers and babies health upon delivery a water birth may be a great way to start the birth but you may need to deliver out of the water.

A Positive of Water Birth

Having a water birth can help with the mothers pain level and risk of unwanted painful interventions like episiotomies. 

Water birthing allows the mother to relax and have a bit of weight lifted off while laboring. During the process of labor the mother can have more freedom in the pool to find a more comfortable positioning that reduced back pain. The birthing tub and warm water allows mothers to skip anesthesia and conserve their energy.


How Much is a Water Birth?

The cost will be dependant on where you go and who performs the birth. The set up of the tub, water, and supplies alone can cost anywhere form $200-$450. Your insurance company may cover some costs of birth, so make sure to double check with them before ordering supplies yourself. In order to have a safe birth it is recommended to hire a Midwife and/or Doula. A Midwife and Doulas are able to check your progression through the birthing process. They have experienced many births and can help if anything is not going how it should. 


Hiring a Midwife and/or Doula

Making sure you have a great Midwife and/or Doula can give you security and knowledge to have a safe delivery. Be reassured you will be able to deliver at home in peace. The Midwives and Doulas at Midwife360 are not only well educated and certified but are also genuine and caring. They have helped thousands of women with breech pregnancies and other difficulties. They understand and have experienced the painless process of water birth for some mothers. Hire the best Midwife and Doula from Midwife360 to ensure your first or next pregnancy is a enjoyable experience.

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