What to Expect When Seeing a Holistic OB GYN

Going to see a gynecologist aka OB GYN for the first time may seem scary without preparation. If you look up videos and reviews women have shared their awkward and uncomfortable experiences, but don’t believe everything you read & hear. During your appointment you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all. A holistic OB GYN is the preferred choice for several women who want a more personal and comfortable appointment.

Holistic Gynecology is the study of female anatomy taking into account a woman’s physical, mental health, and lifestyle factors to manage illness. Holistic doctors practice medicine that involves acupuncture, nutrition, and mindfulness to reset the body and relieve pain. Midwife360 is a holistic OB GYN that lets women get to the base of their concern before pushing medications on their patients. This can include remedies for common complaints of chronic pelvic pain, fertility issues, and birth control methods without medication. The midwife’s at Midwife360 have years of certifications, practice, and experience with women’s health.

If you are thinking about going to or switching to a holistic OB GYN that is great news and we have prepared a guide for what to expect at your first gyno visit.

How to Prepare For Your Visit

When you first arrive to the office you will be checked in and sometimes asked to wait or fill out paperwork. Make sure to bring your insurance card and driver’s license. After check in you will be led to a room with a table that looks like a bed with stirrups for your feet. Do not worry this is not going to be scary. You will be asked to get undressed and wear a body covering so the doctor can check your body. When you are ready the doctor or assistant will come im to ask you questions about your lifestyle, vitamin intake, medications usage, and if you have any present concerns. This is a great time to ask them what tests they would like to preform and if you would liken them to do any BV tests or STD tests.

The next part of the visit will include the breast screening where light pressure is applied to the nipple and breast tissue to check for early signs of breast cancer. The doctor will check under your armpits as well for lymph nodes and extra breast tissue. Now for the part everyone frets the next part is the vaginal examination. The doctor will ask you to slide down and open your legs placing each foot on a stirrup. This is more comfortable than it looks. It will not take long for the doctor to check the exterior and then test her fingers on the inside of your leg before putting them inside your vagina to feel your ovaries. This may feel really uncomfortable, however the gynecologist will be talking to you through every step.

Getting a PAP-smear or STD Testing at Your Appointment

Not everyone has to get screened for STDs unless they are sexually active. If you are a young girl looking to find out how you can get rid of hormonal acne or horrible period cramps it can help to see a holistic gyno. When you are ready for your first STD test do not be afraid that it will be painful. Typical STDs like HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes are all tested by a simple swab. During your appointment, the doctor will use a special swab to take a sample from your vagina or cervix.

If you need a PAP-smear when you turn 21 this may be a bit more uncomfortable since the swab will be directly rubbing on your cervix, however it will not hurt. To prepare for this exam try to plan a week where you will not be on your menstrual period. It is recommended to avoid intercourse, douching, or using any vaginal medicines or spermicidal foams, creams or jellies for two days before having a Pap smear. The chemicals may wash away or obscure abnormal cells that will eventually regrow and should show up on your test.

What Is Included With 360 Women’s Care?

Our 360 Women’s Healthcare includes the care of young girls and teens for gynecology issues. We will continue to care for our patients for decades and into menopause. Midwife360 will provide information and explain the process of PAP-smears, HPV, thermography, STDs, pregnancy & prevention strategies. They will go over natural and artificial methods for birth control, and fertility issues. Midwife360 also provides mammogram screening, ultrasound prescriptions, and help with any vaginal or genital discomfort. They provide convenient electronic prescriptions and medical records for our convenience.

Questions You Should Ask At Your Annual Appointment

Make sure to make a list before your appointment with any questions or concerns you may have. If you are experiencing any pain in your lower abdomen, vagina, ovaries, or breasts make a note of it. Gynecologists have studied the female anatomy thoroughly and will be able to help with your concerns. Holistic gynecologists can help guide you to the proper supplements and lifestyle fixes you may need.

Great questions to ask include:

  • What Forms of Natural Birth Control are There?
  • When Should I Get Tested For STDs?
  • Why Does Sex Sometimes Hurt?
  • When Should I Worry About Itching Down There?
  • How Do I Do A Correct Kegel Exercise?
  • How Do I Do A Self-Breast Exam?

Make A Holistic OB GYN Appointment Today

Check out the full list of services Midwife360 has to offer at their location in West Palm Beach, Florida. Find compassionate care and a doctor you can trust with your feminine health issues. Midwife360 is ready to make you feel at home and provide you individualized care along with healthy recommendations that fit your lifestyle.

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