Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms: 10 Unexpected Ones

Pregnancy is a unique and oftentimes wonderful experience, however, it does come with its own set of challenges. Although first-time mothers may have some insight as to what to expect, every pregnancy journey is different. 

Expectant and new mothers often feel overwhelmed by the shifts that come with motherhood. However, with the right knowledge and support, they can better navigate this journey. Seeking advice from experienced moms, attending parenting classes, and consulting with healthcare professionals are great starting points. Expectant mothers who have a good understanding of motherhood can feel more confident and prepared to handle the complex yet fulfilling challenges that come with it.

During pregnancy, women may experience a range of physical sensations and emotional changes. Common symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and food cravings are expected. There are also some unusual symptoms during the early stages of pregnancy that may catch you off guard. Don’t worry; these ten weird early pregnancy symptoms may catch you off guard but are entirely normal.

Bleeding Gums:

During the early weeks of pregnancy, it’s common for women to have bleeding gums. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause gums to become more vulnerable to inflammation and infection. Thus, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene habits such as careful brushing and flossing, but without being too aggressive. Regular dental checkups are also recommended to ensure proper dental health during this time.

Metallic Taste:

A number of women experience an uncommon metallic taste in their mouths during the early stages of pregnancy. This could be due to shifts in hormones or a lack of iron in the body. To alleviate the taste, try chewing on sugar-free gum or drinking ample amounts of water.

Breast Changes:

Women may experience breast changes such as swelling, soreness, and sensitivity due to increased levels of hormones in the body. Nipple discoloration or discharge may also occur, which is a normal occurrence caused by hormonal fluctuations.  

Increased Vaginal Discharge:

As hormonal activity increases, so does the amount of vaginal discharge. This vaginal discharge may appear thick, white, and odorless. To prevent yeast infection, it is important to practice good hygiene habits.


A slowing of the digestive system may occur due to the presence of Progesterone, causing unwanted constipation. Eating high-fiber foods, drinking plenty of water, and exercising can help to alleviate this symptom during pregnancy.


Heightened levels of estrogen or hormonal fluctuations may lead to the expansion of blood vessels in the nasal area, ​​causing nosebleeds. Using a humidifier and staying hydrated can help to prevent and alleviate these unwanted bouts during pregnancy. 


Eczema can flare up, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. It can be caused by hormonal or immune system changes. Keeping the skin moisturized and avoiding irritants can help to alleviate the symptoms.


During pregnancy, the blood volume in your body increases, which can result in the dilation of blood vessels and cause dizziness. Staying hydrated and engaging in regular movements can help to alleviate this symptom.

Shortness of Breath:

While pregnant, the body requires more oxygen to support the growing fetus. Sometimes the body may struggle to catch its breath, causing shortness of breath. Try taking deep breaths and practicing prenatal yoga.

Mood Swings:

Pregnancy can cause unexpected changes in mood due to hormonal fluctuations, resulting in symptoms like irritability and tearfulness. Luckily, there are ways to ease these effects. Engaging in activities like meditation, prenatal yoga, or counseling may provide relief and support to expecting mothers experiencing mood swings.

Managing Pregnancy Symptoms With Midwife360

Remember, every woman’s pregnancy is unique, and you may experience some or none of these symptoms. Always keep your healthcare provider in the loop and reach out if you have any concerns. Being informed and taking care of your body during pregnancy is essential. Stay healthy, and happy, and enjoy the journey!

These unexpected symptoms may cause some concern, but they are entirely normal. It’s important to remember, every woman’s pregnancy journey is different, so you may or may not experience these symptoms.

Keep your healthcare provider informed and reach out with any concerns you may have. Taking care of your body during pregnancy is paramount. Above all else, stay healthy, happy, and enjoy the journey!

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